Multi-Cuisine Restaurants from Coorg Tourism

Multi cuisine restaurants in Coorg are very popular because they make it possible for people with different tastes to find their choice of food at one restaurant only, this adds to the popularity and attraction of Coorg Tourism. Some multi cuisine restaurants are high-end, well designed and more expensive than the others like Caravan and Raintree, which are simple and known mostly for their food like Shanthi Bites. Take a look at the popular ones.


Raintree tops the list when the discussion is about multi-cuisine restaurants in Coorg. The ambience of this restaurant is very charming and it makes its customers feel comfortable. It is a relaxing effect on the customers due its location and beautiful surrounding. It is located amidst the hills of Coorg and is surrounded by the green beauty of Coorg. The staff of this restaurant is famous for its efficient service. The most attractive aspect of Raintree is that even though it is a high-end restaurant with a beautiful location and charming ambience it is not very expensive and this comes as a joyful surprise to the customers. The famous dishes of this restaurant are mutton biryani, alleppey prawn curry, chemmeen thenga, meen moilee, ularthu and seafood platter. All these aspects of this restaurant together help in making it a significant part of Coorg Tourism.

Shanthi Bites

Shanthi Bites is one of the budget friendly multi-cuisine restaurants in Coorg. It is not a high-end restaurant like The Falls or Raintree and doesn't have the best of ambience, but the food served in this restaurant is very delicious and it's the sole reason for the popularity of the restaurant. Shanthi Bites has dishes from Continental, Chinese, Tibetan and Indian cuisines in its menu. It becomes an important part of Coorg Tourism as it offers various cuisines to attract people with different tastes, and is also relatively cheap attracting tourists with different budgets.


Caravan is more on the high-end side, but its main asset remains the delicious food. It has a great ambience and is located right in the heart of Coorg, but none of this excites the customers more than the excellent food of this restaurant. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant with food so delicious that people make sure they return to this place again for a meal. The famous dishes of this restaurant are Chicken Satay, Murg Musallam, Spicy Diced Chicken and Oriental Vegetables in butter garlic sauce with fried rice or noodles. The location of this place helps to attract customers and makes it an important part of Coorg Tourism, as it is located right in the heart of the city of Coorg.

Silver Oaks

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving dishes from Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines. The famous dish of this restaurant is chow mein served with Chinese gravy chicken or vegetable. This restaurant is located inside the famous Hotel Coorg International, which is an essential part of Coorg Tourism, and this is one of the reasons for its popularity. The most peculiar aspect of this restaurant is that it has a wooden dance floor inside it for its customers. This makes it different from the other restaurants in Coorg.