Restaurants in New Delhi – A Joyful, Magical Ride to The World Cuisine

Fresh, aromatic pasta with parmesan cheese and tomato ketchup! Isn't it a boost to your hunger pangs? If you feel such craving for good food and are hungry in the capital city of India, you have a big number of options to choose from. Restaurants in New Delhi serve delicious, aromatic and satiating culinary delights. The city cooks several tastes that range from the lanes of the city to glamorous restaurants and hotels. This varied fare allows you to have bites from various foods that include delicious blends of international and regional delicacies. So, do not miss on these treasure troves of scrumptious delicacies whenever you are in Delhi. Ask localites, they are simply in love with the food served at these restaurants. Vegetarian Restaurants: If you are a vegetarian and want to taste flavorful vegetarian dishes, you are presented with scores of food-joints that exclusively cook vegetarian fare. Rich in spices, flavor and irresistible aroma; these dishes tempt foreign tourists and locals alike. Served in a calm ambience, you relish the variety of good quality food at pocket-friendly costs. Whether you enjoy morsels of masala dosa, Chinese noodles or shahi paneer; you can be sure that each and every serving is fresh, delicious and purely vegetarian.

Non-Vegetarian Restaurants: Many restaurants in New Delhi have been serving lip-smacking non-vegetarian fare for years but none of them is showing signs of graying. Dishes like Butter Chicken, melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, Roasted Lamb, Tandoori Pomfret and many more will call you back time and again. It is at these restaurants where spices meet life and you are presented with a platter of unique flavors, aromas and seasonings. Some top-rated Restaurants in Connaught Place Serve scrumptious non-vegetarian food. Multi-Cuisine

Restaurants: If savoring bites of various flavors from across the globe is your choice there are numerous restaurants that can pamper your taste buds. If Chinese food fascinates you, delight in an authentic Chinese meal while sitting in an ambience mirroring Chinese culture. As Delhi-ites are aficionados of the Chinese fare, there is a host of restaurants in the city that serves superb Chinese food. Continental, local Indian junk food like chaat and Indian culinary delicacies are also served at various restaurants of New Delhi. Apart from these, there are a number of restaurants that serve authentic Italian cuisine. At a majority of restaurants and hotels in the city, you can enjoy Italian delights. In addition, quality Italian food is also served by some particular Italian restaurants. In the same way, Mughlai food is much in demand by the gourmands.

This is the reason why there are several restaurants that are exclusively dedicated to the preparation of majestic Mughlai food, which envelops the surroundings in its mouth-watering aroma and attracts food aficionados for a sumptuous treat. No matter whether you go for a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or multi-cuisine bite at any of the Restaurants in New Delhi, it is certain that you will visit them again whenever you get a chance and recommend them to your friends and acquaintances as well. Also, Restaurants in Connaught Place are exceptionally acclaimed for serving choicest fare. Restaurants of New Delhi send every traveler and localite for an exotic culinary tour. Whatever cuisine type you choose for visiting a restaurant of New Delhi, it is sure that you will be served with delicious and unique sweet dishes after you are done with your meals. These sweet delicacies impart an exceptional experience to your dining delight at these eating-joints of Delhi. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure that it will be pampered the best way.